March 15, 2024


My Worst Leadership Moment: A Heart-to-Heart with Andrew Stotz

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Brendan Rogers
My Worst Leadership Moment: A Heart-to-Heart with Andrew Stotz
My Worst Leadership Moment
My Worst Leadership Moment: A Heart-to-Heart with Andrew Stotz

Mar 15 2024 | 00:28:27


Show Notes

Walking through Bangkok’s vibrant streets, inspiration struck Andrew Stotz like a bolt of lightning. The result? The “My Worst Investment Ever” podcast, a project that not only opened up a wellspring of shared wisdom on financial mishaps but also sparked the creation of our leadership-focused series. Join us in an intimate discussion with Andrew as we uncover the roots of his transformative show.

We reminisce about my own experiences as a guest on his platform, where lessons in leadership are distilled from the bitter brew of past errors. This episode is a tale of innovation, adaptation, and the sweet victory that awaits when one dares to tread the untrodden path. Every leader carries a mosaic of memories, a collection of triumphs and trials that shape their journey.

Andrew’s canvas is rich with the colors of resilience: from the challenges of the Asian financial crisis to the heartache of personal loss, his rise to the presidency of the CFA Society Thailand is a stirring anthem to perseverance. Listen closely as we peel back the layers of Andrew’s inspiring climb and the indelible lessons on harnessing the strength of diverse opinions. His narrative is a beacon for all who seek to understand how confronting and embracing adversity can sculpt a more empathetic, robust leader.

Closing our conversation, we turn the focus inward, reflecting on the transformative power of communication and the grace found in redemption. I share a chapter from my own book of leadership, where challenging a client’s ire led to a mutual breakthrough in understanding and respect. We also trace the path of extending a hand to those in need, illustrating how past missteps can be reformed into guiding lights for others.

As our laughter intertwines over the quirks and quips of being podcast hosts, we seal this episode with a commitment to learning and staying vulnerable—a promise to keep mining the depths of leadership, one story at a time.

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