May 09, 2024


My Worst Leadership Moment with Angela Johnson

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Brendan Rogers
My Worst Leadership Moment with Angela Johnson
My Worst Leadership Moment
My Worst Leadership Moment with Angela Johnson

May 09 2024 | 00:20:06


Show Notes

Discover the unforeseen rewards of leadership missteps with Agile and Scrum educator, Angela Johnson, as she brings to light her tumultuous journey with bad hires. Our conversation peels back the layers of her professional challenges, revealing the consequences of enlisting a rival and the resultant workplace toxicity. Angela’s transparency is a treasure trove of insights, guiding us through the self-doubt and chaos that marked her worst leadership moments. By unearthing the valuable lessons hidden in these experiences, she equips us with the strategies to handle similar situations with grace and minimal collateral damage.

In our dynamic exchange, we dissect the intricacies of team dynamics and the art of making sound leadership choices amid conflict. Angela illustrates the transformation that comes from involving the team in hiring decisions, showcasing how collective input can steer morale and performance. She candidly underscores the pitfalls of emotional reactions, advocating for a grounded approach based on facts and data. Her compelling stories serve as beacons for leaders navigating the murky waters of hiring, stressing the significance of vulnerability, swift action, and the continuous learning curve that leadership embodies. Join us for a revealing session that resonates with every leader’s quest for professional growth.

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