May 04, 2024


My Worst Leadership Moment with Phill Agnew

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Brendan Rogers
My Worst Leadership Moment with Phill Agnew
My Worst Leadership Moment
My Worst Leadership Moment with Phill Agnew

May 04 2024 | 00:28:17


Show Notes

Unlock the hidden connections between marketing blunders and leadership gold with Phill Agnew, whose journey from academia to the trenches of the marketing world reveals must-know insights for every professional. Through a candid discussion, we navigate the treacherous gap between the classroom and the boardroom, with Phill’s personal evolution providing a roadmap for navigating the challenges of real-world applications of marketing principles. His tale delves into the critical skills often missed in formal education but are crucial for success and leadership within the industry, serving as a guiding light for marketers and leaders alike.

Immerse yourself in the psychology of the ‘labor illusion’ and learn how this simple yet powerful concept can transform the perception of your work. Drawing from personal anecdotes and historical figures like Julius Caesar, we illustrate how effort visibility can dramatically bolster credibility and trust, cementing your status as a leader who truly invests in their cause. This episode not only highlights the significance of showing your work but also connects the dots to the broader implications of authenticity and dedication in leadership roles.

Finally, we wrap up with a poignant revisit to a past guest’s worst leadership moment, emphasizing the invaluable lessons that come from vulnerability and the capacity to rise from setbacks. Through the art of message framing, we dissect the subtle yet profound influence leaders wield with their words, shaping team dynamics and driving performance. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to refine their leadership voice, underscored by the importance of positive reinforcement and clear, high expectations. Join us for a conversation that bridges the realms of psychology, marketing, and leadership, and come away with actionable strategies to lead with impact.

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