April 12, 2024


My Worst Leadership Moment with Jodie Hill

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Brendan Rogers
My Worst Leadership Moment with Jodie Hill
My Worst Leadership Moment
My Worst Leadership Moment with Jodie Hill

Apr 12 2024 | 00:22:24


Show Notes

Join us as Jodie Hill takes us on a profound exploration of her leadership journey, marked by triumphs and trials alike. From her early days coaching sports to her impactful role in professional leadership and change management, Jodie shares the intricate dance between personal struggles and professional responsibilities. Listen to her gripping account of a leadership crisis that hit close to home amidst the turmoil of 2020—a year that challenged us all. As Jodie recounts the emotional ordeal of supporting her helper through a family tragedy and the concurrent upheaval in her business due to the pandemic, you’ll be moved by her vulnerability and strength.

In this episode, we also discuss the powerful lessons learned when facing adversity head-on. Embrace the concept of leadership as a reciprocal journey, where the support of a team can transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Discover how Jodie embraced the art of Imago facilitation to foster deeper communication and understanding within her team. You’ll come away with practical insights on navigating uncertainty, including the importance of reaching out for support and the creative strategies that can emerge from crisis. Don’t miss this candid conversation with Jodie Hill that will inspire you to reflect on your own leadership path and the resilience it takes to weather any storm.

The episode is also available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/12G955M2GhQ

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