July 06, 2024


My Worst Leadership Moment with Brendan Rogers

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Brendan Rogers
My Worst Leadership Moment with Brendan Rogers
My Worst Leadership Moment
My Worst Leadership Moment with Brendan Rogers

Jul 06 2024 | 00:20:14


Show Notes

Unlock the secrets to effective leadership as Brendan Rogers takes you on his transformative journey from a 19-year-old in accounts payable to leading global teams and eventually transitioning to a role where he empowers business owners. You’ll gain invaluable insights as Brendan shares candid experiences of political challenges and strained relationships during his corporate climb, and the pivotal decision that led him to focus on developing leadership skills. This episode promises a deep dive into the realities of corporate life and the power of following one’s true passion.

Imagine learning from someone who turned his worst leadership moment into a catalyst for self-improvement and growth. Brendan opens up about a poorly managed team roster that taught him critical lessons in competence, relationship management, and mentorship. His story illustrates the importance of character development, continuous learning, and building strong connections. Through real-life experiences and hard-earned wisdom, Brendan lays out a three-pillar system for leadership success that will help you build confidence, enhance relationships, and make a meaningful contribution to your community. Don’t miss this episode packed with leadership lessons and inspiring narratives.

The episode is also available on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbrJDwF4Eog

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